Icewise Planks are made in respect of the regulations of the IDNIYRA Specifications.

- The core is Ash and/or Balsa wood,

- The planks are made with infusion or prepreg technic reinforced e-glass or s-glass outer shell in a negative mold.

- The wood core is vacuumed in the shell and the two halves are affixed with epoxy.

- The chocks are mounted on a 0,001 mm precise jig.

The planks inner and outer measures are within the IDNIYRA Specifications allowed measures, it contains only wood and glass, no internal reinforcements of any kind.

All planks from 2023 and on are holding a certificate that its production is in compliance with the IDNIYRA rules and Specifications and a serial number.


Some pictures of the 2023 Oktober production:

Plank Infusion



Balsa Core

Balsa core


Adhesion of the top and bottom.


Chock mounting on the jig.